Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Relations that Function (Part 2) - Section 4: Application / Closure


Undoubtably, reflecting on why a student made a particular mistake and trying to make the student recognize his or her mistake, are always helpful. But sometimes instead, I ask myself..."what does this student know that might help him or her?" 

In the cases of stating whether a relation is a function or not, I've found that more than any sort of reflection on mistakes, helping the student to make connections with things they know well, is powerful. So I ask students to see the first set of elements, whether you have ordered pairs, maps, or charts, as usernames of facebook, or email accounts. The second set of elements in the relation would be the passwords of these accounts. Most students immediately see the function or non function relation. I tell students that when opening an account, all the possible usernames available is the domain of the function and the passwords, the range. 


  What does the student know....that may help?
  Adjustments to Practice: What does the student know....that may help?
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Relations that Function (Part 2)

Unit 7: Functions
Lesson 2 of 11

Objective: SWBAT understand the correspondence between input and output of a function. SWBAT determine when an input-output relation, given different forms, represents a function.

Big Idea: Students are exposed to more situations involving input and output values, adding to their understanding of function and non-function relations.

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Math, Relations and Functions, algebraic relationship, range, domain restrictions, models / tables / graphs (mathematical relationships), table of values, 8th grade math
  50 minutes
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