Reflection: Rigor What is Weathering? A Study of Australia's Twelve Apostles - Section 3: A Personal Slide Show: Independent Work


The success of turning my students loose using the slide show will come to surface during the discussion of our questions. I like the independent study idea because I wanted them to really focus on the pictures and then relax as they watch the video. The music on the video can be turned off if they don't like it. For my students with reading difficulties, this slide show and connecting the questions may take my support. But, the independent work is NGSS and CCSS rigorous, as they connect the idea that the landscape is changing continually and observe how it is changing. The questions in the slide show support critical thinking as well as allow them to develop a question. My photos reflect the change both prior and post the movie. I supported the rigor by evaluating the quality of their answers as they were writing them. Some students wanted to blow through the activity. I had to work at pushing them to carefully consider the questions at the end and slow down. 

  Independent Study
  Rigor: Independent Study
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What is Weathering? A Study of Australia's Twelve Apostles

Unit 4: Weathering
Lesson 1 of 15

Objective: Students will be introduced to the concepts of weathering.

Big Idea: Students start to understand the impacts of weathering on an Australian coastline using technology.

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Science, weathering, Language Arts, glaciers, engineering, soil
  50 minutes
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