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You might notice in some of my videos that my students have the option to sit on stability balls in class instead of chairs. Many studies are now showing that the use of stability balls help posture, coordination, attention, and even handwriting! We still have traditional chairs in our classroom as well, but many students opt to use the ball instead. provided they can refrain from excessive bouncing and keep the ball - and their feet- on the floor, I allow them. During times when the students are spread out and working independently or in small groups, I allows them to experiment with the balls, sitting in different positions that may help them stretch or get their "wiggles out".

For more information on stability balls in the classroom, visit the following:

NWI Times

The Herald

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Which Bear Goes Where?

Unit 2: Zoology
Lesson 6 of 17

Objective: SWBAT compare/contrast their habitats and adaptations of various species of bears.

Big Idea: Now that we have learned a little about adaptations in the past few lessons, students will expand on their knowledge of adaptations by comparing similar species to learn how they adapt to their environment.

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