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The easiest, most time-efficient manner to calculate CO2 emissions is with the CO2 calculator. The organization called Carbon Offsets to Alleviate Poverty has a CO2 calculator. I have used this site as a modification for the struggling math students and absent students. 

When the students do the math, my best defense is a good offense. I like to read about the formula to get a better idea for myself how to teach it. To help with some of the CO2 calculations, Slate Magazine wrote an article explaining the formula. In addition the Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center produces a document of FAQ's that has been helpful for me.  

  Carbon Emissions
  Classroom Setup: Carbon Emissions
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How Much Gasoline Do You Really Use?

Unit 9: Designing for the Future: Designing a Solar Car
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Objective: Students will be able to use a mathematical model to determine personal gasoline use and the costs involved.

Big Idea: Here's a great way to hit home the costs of every day driving habits. Students analyze family driving habits to calculate the environmental impact and the cost in money.

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