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No matter what type of lab we are completing, I have my students put on their aprons and goggles.  At first they resist this process, especially when we are working with items like gummy worms.  Their complaints end after the first few labs as the wearing of safety gear becomes routine.

I also have a strict rule about not allowing students to eat anything in the lab.  For this particular lab, many of the students are tempted to eat the gummy worm.  To make the gummy worms less appealing, I reuse the same gummy worms for each lab section during the day.  I do give the students a gummy worm to eat once they have completed the quantitative measurement portion of the lab, but they must be in the classroom (I have a separate lab) before they can receive it.

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  Routines and Procedures: Lab safety
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Gummy Worm Lab

Unit 1: Problem Solving
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Objective: SWBAT collect qualitative and quantitative data for gummy worms.

Big Idea: Make taking accurate measurements more interesting and memorable.

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