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Though some of the designs came close, all of the homes experienced some degree of flooding. The most encouraging part of this lesson was that the students were not at all discouraged! The student who explained and evaluated his work in the video came back the next day wanting to try again. He said he told his dad about it and they talked about what he could do to make the design better! I want my students to persevere. I want them to come to the realization that at times, not being successful at a task the first time and not giving up, makes you explore other options you may never have considered.

  It's okay to fail. Mistakes mean you are trying,
  Trust and Respect: It's okay to fail. Mistakes mean you are trying,
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Protect My Home!

Unit 5: Extreme Weather/Hurricanes
Lesson 4 of 5

Objective: Create a model using materials to build a barrier or protective wall to prevent your home from flooding during a storm surge.

Big Idea: Engineers use models to test their ideas before implementing them on a larger scale.

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