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Some students will have trouble trying to write their observations while also viewing the video, either due to language barriers, pacing problems, attention issues, or even issues with fine motor skills. Because of this, a live stream for students may never be a good option. In these cases, I allow students to select from a variety of prerecorded video streams.

In addition, I have also given some students the opportunity to record their voice using an iPod, iPad, laptop microphone, or other device, as they view the stream. This way, they can make oral observations, which can then be transcribed into written version or used simply as-is for the next part of the lesson. It still allows them to collect raw qualitative data, but in a way that is suitable for them.

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  Adaptive Technology: Option for Differentiation
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Ever the Ethologist - Part II

Unit 2: Zoology
Lesson 16 of 17

Objective: SWBAT conduct observations, record data, and hypothesize about natural animal behavior based on their observational data.

Big Idea: Observation is a critical element in the scientific process. This activity familiarizes students with the process of observing and recording animal behavior and how to use collected data to make informed inferences from the data collected.

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