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While I do expect quality work, I am not really concerned with perfection at this time. This is an opportunity for students to become acquainted with the work of Jane Goodall and to describe the contributions of a scientist. With that being said, after collecting the writing, I will purposefully read a few exemplary work samples to the class, focusing on why this particular piece of work is noteworthy. (For example, I may comment on the organization of the writing, the use of scientific vocabulary, or the formation of claims about Goodall, and specific use of evidence from the research as details to support.) I wholeheartedly believe in integrating research and writing into the curriculum, and since we are taking so much time to do so in this lesson, I want to provide "just-in-time" instruction and feedback to help develop my students as writers.

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Ever the Ethologist - Part I

Unit 2: Zoology
Lesson 15 of 17

Objective: SWBAT describe the role of an ethologist.

Big Idea: Observation is a critical element in the scientific process. This activity familiarizes students with the process of observing and recording animal behavior and how to use collected data to make informed inferences from the data collected.

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