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This might be the point in the lesson when you see students get a little "over-involved" with the candy and a little "under-involved" with the content. If the candy causes too much of a distraction, there's always an alternative. You can always project the candy under your document camera or tape an enlarged picture to the board for all students to see. Instead of holding on to a piece of candy, the students can write the name of one on a piece of paper, fold it up so it can't be seen by their partner, and use that instead. Another option is to fill the bags with candy wrappers instead of the candy itself. Not only does it make the activity fun without filling your students with sugar, but it also allows you a little treat. After all, someone has to eat it!

  Candy causes cavities... and chaos!
  Rules and Consequences: Candy causes cavities... and chaos!
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I Need to See Some I.D.!

Unit 2: Zoology
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Objective: SWBAT use a dichotomous key to identify species, and create a dichotomous key for a species native to their environment.

Big Idea: A dichotomous key is a tool that helps us determine the correct identification of a living thing.

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