Reflection: Coherence Learning About Geotechnical Engineering Through Literature - Section 1: Introducing Nepal


When I read this story, I realized that I could attack my worries about how my students could perceive engineering with relative ease. Their underexposure to engineering is part of the transition to NGSS that I expect will be an engaging experience IF it is introduced gently and slowly, making a careful transition. I carefully used reading strategies by incorporating volunteers to play the roles of different characters after an introduction to the culture of Nepal. While it isn't a science investigation, it is the best foundation for some upcoming investigations.

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Learning About Geotechnical Engineering Through Literature

Unit 4: Weathering
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Objective: Students identify a real life problem and how it is solved through geotechnical engineering.

Big Idea: In this literature study, students travel to a community situated on the Karnali River. This river creates a need for an engineering solution to a serious problem!

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Science, Social Studies, weathering, Language Arts, glaciers, engineering, soil, literacy in science
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