Reflection: Students with Disabilities What is Energy? - Section 4: Elaborate


These work samples show the differences in what to expect in terms of student work.  Student Work Sample A has a strong understanding of where the energy comes from, noting "plugs" and "food." Student Work Sample B isn't quite as clear when mentioning the TV has energy.  The student knows it uses or has energy, but doesn't quite reference the way in which it gets the energy.  The was technically an evaluation of identifying which objects have or use energy, not where the energy comes from.  However, the task does shed light into the next lesson. 

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What is Energy?

Unit 5: Motion and Energy
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Objective: SWBAT write their own definition of energy using observational evidence from objects that use or give off energy.

Big Idea: This is an introductory lesson to the motion and energy unit. It is designed to get students thinking about energy and its forms.

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