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As many students these days are fortunate enough to have some form of technology in the classroom with them, it has become advantageous to encourage them to utilize it to capitalize on their classroom experiences. Using BYOT (Bring Your Own Technology) in the classroom has improved my classroom culture and management as it has minimized the distractions that I have to contend with, empowered students to independently search for answers to posed questions and has allowed me to utilize a variety of web based resources when I need the flexibility. When I taught this section of the lesson, students were eager to find the information first and to share out. Some even when as far as comparing/contrasting constituents in multiple brands of sport drinks to determine which are better consumer choices. This made the lesson personable, extended students content and supported an environment of trust. It is well worth the risk!

  Using BYOT in the Classroom
  Student Ownership: Using BYOT in the Classroom
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Nature's Homeostatic Secret to Hangovers: Charged Molecules!

Unit 2: Cellular Transport and the Brain
Lesson 4 of 5

Objective: Students will develop and use models to plan and conduct an simulation to explain how cellular transport mechanisms maintain homeostasis.

Big Idea: Cellular transport systems that maintain homeostasis are necessary to adjust to internal changes of the body!

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