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This activity was a great way to formatively assess how students were doing with vector operations. When I put a new operation on the board I could go around and see what students did well and what they still need some help with. For example, when adding three vectors this student had one of the vectors rotated when it should not have been. When adding positive vectors, we talked about how the x- and y-axes should be lined up in the normal orientation when they are connected head to tail.

For subtraction, we could physically rotate the transparency of the vector to see how the opposite of the vector would look.

  Continuous Assessment: Formative Assessment of Vector Operations
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Making Vector Operations Transparent

Unit 6: Additional Trigonometry Topics
Lesson 5 of 12

Objective: SWBAT analyze vector operations in component form and visually on a graph.

Big Idea: Use overhead transparencies to visually represent vector operations.

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