Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge RTI : Using the Lead Number to Estimate Addition and Subtraction - Section 4: Closure


In the samples below, we see progress in lining up numbers. Graph paper really helps keep things organized, especially when someone is struggling.Rounding on Graph Paper.jpg All students made some progress toward mastering the standard, even if it was neatly lined up digits. That is part of fluency.

In the second sample, there are problems with rounding to the lead number. I noticed that the lines and circles have disappeared. But, the idea of rounding to estimate is there. This student went from rounding the exact answer to understanding this. That's good progress. Eventually, he will understand how easy rounding a lead digit makes it to add and subtract in your head. Not mastered, yet.

I think underlining the lead digits on an assignment should have been a good way to remember what the lead digit is. However, from what I saw, I am certain that it didn't make much difference.Underline the Lead Digit.jpg

In my short clip, I talk about what I saw.Reflection

  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Reviewing their work.
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RTI : Using the Lead Number to Estimate Addition and Subtraction

Unit 1: Place Value and Multi-Digit Addition & Subtraction
Lesson 4 of 7

Objective: SWBAT estimate using the highest place value in a standard algorithm.

Big Idea: Students use the concept of a train to understand the lead number and how to estimate using a standard multi-digit algorithm.

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underline the lead
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