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The purple and green vectors brought up some interesting questions. My students knew that the purple vector would slow down the plane and that the green vector would speed up the plane. The extent of the change caused some discussion. For the purple vector, some thought we could just subtract the magnitudes and get the new speed of 60 mph. Others were adamant that it could not be that simple.

This is a great problem to revisit after students understand head to tail vector addition and see what they think after they have some new methods to analyze these winds.

  Real World Applications: Lingering Questions
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Airplane! - An Introduction to Vectors

Unit 6: Additional Trigonometry Topics
Lesson 4 of 12

Objective: SWBAT find the resultant vector as the sum of two vectors.

Big Idea: Finding the magnitude and direction of an airplane's path will help launch the concept of vectors.

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