Reflection: Developing a Conceptual Understanding Length x Width x Height, Gives You the Vooooolume! - Section 3: Establishing Conceptual Understanding with Visual Thinking


Visual thinking is a powerful tool that I will be utilizing to augment conceptual understanding.  In the video, students hear the narrator state, "Volume calculate the cubic units inside."  As a teacher, I need to get them thinking about what that means.  I really don't want them to give me the volume is Length x Width x Height response when I ask them to define volume.  Rather, I want them to explain that volume is a measurement of how many smaller cubic units fit into a larger volume.  To get my students to thinking about volume in a visual way, I ask them to draw how many smaller units make up the larger units in a prism.  Later, when we are talking about liquid volume, I refer to milliliters in a graduated cylinder as hockey pucks.  In that, when measuring liquid volume I want them to realize that by stacking hockey pucks, just like drawing how many cubes make up a whole cube, creates the final volume for the liquid.  If students can describe their thoughts in a visual way then their conceptual understanding and confidence increase.

  Using Visual Thinking to elicit Student Thoughts
  Developing a Conceptual Understanding: Using Visual Thinking to elicit Student Thoughts
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Length x Width x Height, Gives You the Vooooolume!

Unit 2: Scientific Measuring and Variable Testing
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Objective: SWBAT: Calculate the volume of rectangular solids.

Big Idea: Students learn a fun song about calculating the volume of rectangular solids that they will be singing all the way home, and possibly in their sleep.

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