Reflection: Intervention and Extension Draw a Right triangle! You can´t go wrong. - Section 2: Activity


Several student learning issues that came up during today's activity:

  1. Rounding: I told students to round to the nearest hundredth, unless otherwise indicated, when results were irrational numbers. I also asked that they round at the end of all operations. 
  2. Squaring radical expressions: Some students lacked confidence when squaring numbers like 3√5 in task 5.  I asked these students to expand the base, by writing an expression like (3√5)(3√5) and then grouping the like the factors in the resulting expression 3 x 3 x √5  x √5 before multiplying. This almost always helps my students, and it did today. Sometimes, it is necessary to followup and help students to see that √5 x √5  is √25, and that this in turn equals 5. I try to be very patient and not bypass any steps that can mean a learning moment.
  3. Students may mistakenly find the distance between -2 and 11 as being 9. This should be corrected making the student mindful of absolute values and distance. I lead students to recognized that │11-(-2)│  and │-2-11│= 13

I let students tackle each task with little help except to clear up any confusion with questions. I try to give this "help" during task 1, to get students going, but otherwise the only hint I give is that they need to use right triangles to find answers, and that the triangles may need to be drawn. I´ve included these Scaffold Exercises, which can be given to students before taking on the activity. 


  Intervention and Extension: Issues that came up during the activity
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Draw a Right triangle! You can´t go wrong.

Unit 9: The Pythagorean Theorem
Lesson 8 of 10

Objective: SWBAT apply the Pythagorean Theorem to find distances on the Coordinate Plane.

Big Idea: Students confront tasks that seem hard to solve, till they start drawing triangles and using the theorem.

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Math, modeling, Pythagoras, Pythagorean Theroem, coordinate plane, Pythagorean Theorem, distance, square root, triangles, right triangle, hypotenuse, Pythagorean Triples
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