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Labs are a great way to help reinforce the material that we have learned in class.  In this case students have a chance to demonstrate their mastery of energy diagrams with exothermic and endothermic reactions.  Sometimes students show what they have learned and score well on their labs and analysis, while sometimes students simply do the lab with their partners but do not spend the time to demonstrate that they understand the content.

Here are two examples of student labs.

In the first example the student has mastered the objective as that they are able to correctly perform the analysis questions.  If you notice for #2 the student does not use the term activation energy but refers to the need to have energy to start the reaction.

In the second example the student struggled with the calculation for analysis #3 with not keeping a negative value.  Also the student had a hard time with their energy diagram for analysis #4 by not including the concepts of activation energy or enthalpy change.

In the third example the student also struggle with the calculations and the energy diagram.  This student lost most of their point on their energy diagram because they did not label any of the parts so probably did not understand the various components, just memorized the overall pattern for exothermic reactions.

  Grade Book and Data Analysis: Students' Lab Analysis
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Energy Diagrams

Unit 5: Unit 6: Energy
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Objective: Students will be able to describe and label energy diagrams through taking notes and performing a lab activity.

Big Idea: Energy diagrams shows the relationship between the progress of a reaction and the relative energy of reactants' and products' bonds during a chemical reaction.

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