Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Turtle & Snail Part II - Section 2: Turtle & Snail Part 2: Snail Gets A Head Start


Today, I quickly reviewed our work as we translated from the story to picture to tables to equations to graph. I wanted my students to think about the connections between the graphs and the rule/equations as well. So, I wrote each rule below its graph. Then, I asked, "Does the equation y = 3x matched Turtle's line?"

Next, I wrote Snail's rule in slope-intercept form:  y = 2x + 6

I asked if that rule fit Snail's line and selected a student to explain.  To check for firm understanding, I followed up with this question:

What if Turtle had only given Snail a 2-minute head start. How would the equation change?

I selected a student who explained, "Snail's line would start at 4 instead of 6 because he could only travel four feet during the head start instead of six feet." I asked for a thumbs-up sign if students agreed. I saw almost unanimous agreement, which indicated to me that we were ready to move on to some different situations. 


  Linking Representations
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Linking Representations
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Turtle & Snail Part II

Unit 5: The Fabulous World of Functions
Lesson 3 of 19

Objective: SWBAT to algebraically represent a given scenario with a picture, table, rule/equation, and graph.

Big Idea: Building on the learning from Part I, students will again be able to make connections among functional representations in context, this time with one change: Snail gets a head start.

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