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Throughout the year I teach my students about being good learners and good thinkers. In most of my lessons I connect a Depth and Complexity Prompt (formerly Icon) developed by Dr. Sandra Kaplan at USC. Here is a short video of Dr. Kaplan explaining how to teach these prompts.These prompts give the students a visual representation of a thinking skill and allow the students to connect this skill to what they are learning. For more information about the prompts, read the Short explanation of Depth and Complexity Prompts.

For this lesson and unit I want the students to think about "Unanswered Questions". On the pre-assessment they will write some questions that they have about the solar system and throughout the Unit, I will ask them to write these questions on a sticky note or on a poster in the Science Room. This is in anticipation of all of the questions that will inevitably come up during this unit. On many occasions some students will ask questions that may not connect to that day's lesson, but it is related to another lesson we will be doing later. This is a great tool for students to post the question for a later time. It's similar to a "Parking Lot" method used in classes. This also allows for students to take some ownership of their learning by giving them an opportunity to pose a question and possibly even find the answers through their own experiences. I am a believer that there are no silly questions and as I mentioned, this unit tends to generate a lot of questions. We work together in answering them, whether it's by me doing some research or having the students figure out the answers on their own.

  Depth and Complexity- Unanswered Questions
  Student Ownership: Depth and Complexity- Unanswered Questions
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The Center of Our Solar System- The Sun- Part 1

Unit 2: The Sun and Earth Connection
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Objective: SWBAT complete a pre-assessment to show what they already know about the Sun, Earth, and Moon.

Big Idea: Having students complete a pre-assessement will help the teacher see any misconceptions that students may have about the solar system.

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