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Cellular transport is such a significant process to living systems. It is however, when presented without a relevant context, less than intriguing for student academic pursuit. This became evident to me when I read my students post unit reflections. One reoccurring theme of these works was that learning about alcohol transport and its impact motivated students to learn what they found boring in their biology classes; cellular transport. A testament to students' proclamations is the student work product attached which comes from an average student's standpoint. I was pleased to see that the student not only illustrated a delineation of the physical status/consequences of pre and post consumption of alcohol but elated to see how well he comprehended the corresponding terminology. And while the student has grown since, it was rewarding for me to see that he had a good foundation to develop from as a result of proper framing of content. 

  Relevance: Making the Mediocre Content Manageable for Students!
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Of Cellular Transport and the Cerebrum! (Day 1)

Unit 2: Cellular Transport and the Brain
Lesson 2 of 5

Objective: Students will be able develop and use models to simulate the causes of brain dehydration.

Big Idea: Brains require adequate hydration to perform to execute its regular functions!

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