Reflection: Diverse Entry Points Discussing Scientific Research of Alcohol and the Human Brain! - Section 2: Engage


          In doing this lesson, I discovered that the priming activity (engagement) aided in my ability to assess student specific interests and access their prior knowledge bases prior to the article reading. Being equipped with such valuable information contributed to a more streamlined and fruitful set of conversations throughout the lesson. For instance, I discovered that students as a whole were driven to understand what made one individual more susceptible to impairments caused by excessive alcohol consumption  versus others after reading the abstract. When we approached specific areas related to their articulated interests such as the impact of gender, my students wanted to lead and incorporate personal experiences to make the conversation more applicable. This essentially eliminated any anxieties that I possessed going in to the lesson, as I felt more informed on how to keep the readings and conversations on track. I found this strategy quite effective. 

  Prefacing is Key to Article Interest!
  Diverse Entry Points: Prefacing is Key to Article Interest!
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Discussing Scientific Research of Alcohol and the Human Brain!

Unit 2: Cellular Transport and the Brain
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Objective: Students will interpret and analyze data presented in a research article to discuss alcohol's damaging effect on the human brain.

Big Idea: Chronic alcohol consumption can create irreparable damage to the human brain.

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