Reflection: Complex Tasks Oh, Behave! (2 Week Project Based) - Section 5: Elaborate (Days 6-8)


In extenuating circumstances, models may be made using clay or other building material that can closely resemble the actual item and will not take away from the overall appearance or utility of the object they are trying to create.

There are many models I will NOT accept, such as those built with Legos. They just don't resemble the actual project enough to determine its suitability for an animal. If it doesn't closely resemble the actual object, it cannot be used.  I also caution the students about building anything with perishable foods, as these items may be in our classroom for extended periods of time, and we don't want anything rotting and stinking up our room or to attract little insect friends!

  WHAT makes a good model?
  Complex Tasks: What makes a good model?
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Oh, Behave! (2 Week Project Based)

Unit 2: Zoology
Lesson 17 of 17

Objective: SWBAT research the instinctual behaviors and construct a prototype of a behavioral enrichment activity for a selected animal.

Big Idea: Captivity can drastically affect animal behavior. Behavioral enrichment activities enhance the lives of captive animals by providing them with mental and physical challenges.

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