Reflection: Lesson Planning Introduction of PBL: Is It the End of Humanity? - Section 2: Introduction of PBL


These directions can be given in isolation, requiring students to find all of the needed information on their own (a true PBL) or can be used in conjunction with the supporting lesson that shows students some resources to use to learn the necessary content (these are still student centered resources).

Your own comfort level with relinquishing control or with project based learning, along with the ability of your students should guide you in making that decision about how much support to give to students.  The more comfortable students become with the process, the less supports you need to provide.  There is nothing more awesome than seeing students take a project far beyond your initial expectations just because they have the freedom to do so!

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Introduction of PBL: Is It the End of Humanity?

Unit 7: Factors That Drive Evolution
Lesson 2 of 14

Objective: SWBAT construct an explanation based on evidence that describes how the human population will need to adapt to increase the probability of surviving and reproducing in an extreme environment and describe the technology used to make that happen.

Big Idea: Students apply what they know about evolution, natural selection, artificial selection and genetic technologies to save humanity!

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Science, natural selection (Evolution), Evolution, ecosystem, artificial selection, PBL, adaptation, natural selection
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