Reflection: Continuous Assessment Turtle & Snail Part I : An Introduction to "Rule of Five' - Section 4: Ticket Out the Door


Here are some of the responses that I received on today's Exit Ticket:

  • "The numbers are the same"
  • "We used the numbers in the table to make the graph."
  • "You can see the change in each table as the slope of that line.  In Turtle's table the change is multiply by 3.  That is also the slope of Turtle's line."  

Overall, the set of responses showed me that a few students understand the problem deeply, but the majority of students will benefit from additional exposure using the Rule of 5 to explore problems involving rates.  

  Continuous Assessment: Learning like rabbits, turtles and snails...
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Turtle & Snail Part I : An Introduction to "Rule of Five'

Unit 5: The Fabulous World of Functions
Lesson 2 of 19

Objective: SWBAT to algebraically represent a given scenario with a picture, table, rule/equation, and graph.

Big Idea: This lesson helps students see relationships between the algebraic representations of a function. The context of the story helps to ground student understanding.

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