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There are many ways to build a high level of vocabulary in a Kindergarten classroom.  Not only do I raise vocabulary when we read new words (for example, using ‘yielding’ rather than ‘soft’), I always work to use academic vocabulary in the context of the lessons..and expect the students to do the same.  This high expectation is an effective way to put these new words into use.  The way I do this is natural to me because it’s the same way I instruct English Learners.  I’ll provide instruction, then stop to seamlessly ‘translate’ the instruction.  When the students contribute with a lower level word, I may gently ask, “Is there another way we can say that?” and provide adequate wait time for them to retrieve these new words and use them in context.  In this lesson, I do this several times, highlighting important vocabulary words like ‘observation’ and ‘recording’ in the context of our collaborative activity.  This way, the technique adds important language support to all students in the class. 

  High Expectation for Vocabulary Use
  High Expectations: High Expectation for Vocabulary Use
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Wacky Weather-Olympic Track Star-Tracking Weather

Unit 6: What? Weather?
Lesson 5 of 8

Objective: Students will create a graph to describe and track weather to observe it's effects.

Big Idea: Why do people need to track weather over time?

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