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As I began this unit, I struggled to think of ways to demonstrate what seemed to be the complex concept of weather.  As I researched it, I began to see that air was simpler than I thought.  Air pressure essentially moves the temperature.  So demonstrating that pressure became the basis of my idea.  When I came across a version of this air pressure demonstration, I knew I found a way for the students to independently play with the concept.  Once that activity began, the addition of water made humidity an easy add-on.  Any time we give our students an opportunity to do a hands-on demonstration of a concept, it makes it more meaningful.  Additionally, when we learn demos don't always work out the way we think, it adds the essential element of perseverance to our lesson. A concrete learning experience created an environment where they touched, adjusted, discussed, and explored the lesson.  This experience helped them better retain the information because they are able to organize it in ways custom to them.  Who knew air pressure and humidity could be so much fun???

  Relevance: Simple Demonstration of Complex Idea
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Factors of Weather- Under Pressure!

Unit 6: What? Weather?
Lesson 2 of 8

Objective: Students will conduct an experiment to demonstrate how air pressure and humidity work.

Big Idea: How do air affect our weather?

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