Reflection: Classroom Setup Force and Motion Unit Assessment: Day 1 - Section 2: Make A Plan


This video captures how I let the students spread out around the room.  I want teams to find a space where they can work independently and not just copy an idea form another team.  In the introduction, I encouraged them to work together and I support this by letting them find there own work space in the room.

  Classroom Setup: Using the Whole Room
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Force and Motion Unit Assessment: Day 1

Unit 2: Force and Motion
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Objective: SWBAT plan an investigation that involves the use of a variable. SWBAT make a prediction about their investigation.

Big Idea: In the 1st part of this two day investigation, students will be asked to make a plan for a ball to travel two different distances by changing a variable. They will then be asked to make a prediction about the test they have created.

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Science, Scientific Method (Science Skills), force and motion, GE3, DOK3, GE2, DOK2
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