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The students were more confused that I had anticipated when I introduced this activity.  I think the organizer confused them originally. We stopped and took some time to talk about connections - Bob can connect to soccer and so can Jan - 'so what?'  (the kids actually came up with the 'so what?' phrase, but we did use it) 'Bob plays soccer and he knows the rules for the game so he explained them to us - ooooh'

As we progressed through the discussion, I think it became more clear to distinguish the kinds of reflections we might have and how deep connections help us more.  I did use the board to give prompts to the students because they still needed that visual. This is a video of the prompting in this white board example. 

  Checks for Understanding: Some Time Needed to Understand
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Go DEEPER and Make Connections To Extend Understanding

Unit 4: Connecting with Key Details and Theme
Lesson 4 of 11

Objective: SWBAT recount parts of a story to determine a theme and connect to the story details with their own feelings.

Big Idea: What's Connecting? - Recount Ideas, Determine a Theme and Connect to an Experience and a Feeling.

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English / Language Arts, Reading, Special Education, theme (Reading Comp), Literature, 2nd Grade, Connecting, Max Lucado, key details, plot, point of view, Reading Strategies
  55 minutes
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