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In each group, I have a student who experiences ADHD or ADHD-like characteristics. These are the people who think outside the box and come up with creative designs. This is a research-proven decision that is used in the toy industry. I choose a student who is a good drawer. This is a skill needed for the roller coaster design. I choose a person who is a good leader. This is a tough choice as the best leaders lead from behind. They do not do it for the prestige, but do it for the group and the task at hand. I also choose one person who is a good writer to help the group articulate their ideas and keep track of them. Putting together the right group is very important. If students are struggling with group dynamics during the learning activity then they cannot concentrate on the content and learning is diminished. This is a time when I choose groups for functionality. There are other times when learning to work with one another is the main objective, but that is for another day.

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Roller Coaster Design - Day 1

Unit 5: Roller Coaster Madness
Lesson 5 of 8

Objective: Students to look at the mechanics of roller coasters and the transfer of energy in them. They will use this information to begin to design their own roller coaster.

Big Idea: Transfer of energy.

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