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When I design a lesson, I’m always thinking about ways to create meaning out of the curriculum.  Weather can be a complicated subject to teach to a Kindergartener.  One way I worked to make it accessible was to break it down into each element and really teach the key concepts and vocabulary using realia.  The second thing is to build in real life experiences.  This would be the strength of realia.  It is an important, even crucial, part to making a lesson like this concrete, in particular for English Learners and also many students at this age.  Five and six year olds-learning English or not- are still setting context for everything they hear in school.  While some may understand the words, they often need to learn how it effects them.  When I added a visual element, particularly one they could touch and explore, it all became real to them.  It’s possible to make a direct connection to their lives- like I did with the coat and umbrella- so the information begins to make sense to them, providing clarity..which turns every day things into a valuable learning experience. 

  ELL Students: Realia
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Describing Weather: Atmosphere and Hydrosphere- Best Friends ForWeather

Unit 6: What? Weather?
Lesson 1 of 8

Objective: Students will label a diagram with correct weather terms.

Big Idea: Why is it important to understand the origin of weather?

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layers of atmosphere
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