Reflection: Real World Applications Mass and Volume Lab - Part 2 - Section 4: Wrap up


I have found that students tend to rush through measurement activities and think that things are "close enough."  Similar to the introductory activity for part one of this lab, the last portion of this activity is designed to cause students to think about the various applications of measurement and the types of measurement that are made on an every day basis.

I try to use concrete examples for the students, so they are able to see the applications of science beyond the walls of the classroom.  I also try to impress upon them the importance of measuring accurately and the idea that practicing proper measurement procedures now will benefit them in the future. 

  Measuring Beyond the Classroom
  Real World Applications: Measuring Beyond the Classroom
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Mass and Volume Lab - Part 2

Unit 1: Problem Solving
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Objective: SWBAT accurately determine the mass and volume of a variety of different objects.

Big Idea: This lab challenges students to recall various aspects related to measuring mass and volume and then practice the skill.

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