Reflection: Lesson Planning Wind Can Move Mountains - Section 4: Conducting the Experiment


Sometimes the best plans need to be adapted to meet the needs of students, or the availability of materials. In this lesson, students had models of mountains that they had built and used to test how water can change the shape of the mountains. They wanted to use those mountains instead of building new mountains. I decided as they talked that maybe using their own mountains was a good idea. They had already seen how water changed the shape of their mountains. If they used the same mountains they could see if wind acted exactly the same way.

I decided to let them go with their idea. I quickly realized that the dirt was not going to stay on their mountains so I covered each mountain with tin foil crinkled to allow for the dirt to be in different places over the surface. When the students applied wind, (most decided to blow on the mountain and not use the fan), they saw that the dirt did not just flow down to the valley the way it did with water.

They were able to make the connections because they were starting with the same models.

I have to be willing to adapt to student need and interests. Students learn best when they feel they have some say in what is happening, and in this case, they were given that option. 

  Adapting to Student Needs
  Lesson Planning: Adapting to Student Needs
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Wind Can Move Mountains

Unit 3: Understanding Our Earth
Lesson 9 of 13

Objective: SWBAT see how wind changes the way our world is shaped

Big Idea: Wind can change things quickly or slowly depending on the strength of the wind

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Science, wind (Weather), erosion, drawing conclusions, wind, landforms
  60 minutes
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