Reflection: Discourse and Questioning Density Column Lab - Section 5: Density Column Lab: Making Predictions


Group discourse can be challenging!  Providing students with sentence starters can be an effective strategy for aiding students in group discussions.  In this lesson, I ask students who are offering predictions to start with, "The __________ will fall next.  The data that supports this idea is...".  

In addition, I ask students to ask any student that does not back up a prediction with data to ask, "What data supports that idea?".  Often, students just don't know how to start.  By providing them with something to go on, there are many students that join in the conversation that previously wouldn't have!

  Group Discourse and Sentence Starters
  Discourse and Questioning: Group Discourse and Sentence Starters
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Density Column Lab

Unit 3: Physical Properties: Mass, Volume, and Density
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Objective: Students will be able to use lab tools to measure the density of an object and create a model demonstrating the relationship between the density and whether an object sinks or floats.

Big Idea: Students measure the density of a variety of items and create a density column of suspended materials!

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Science, physical properties, density, volume, middle school, mass
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density column lesson
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