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Many, many people both adults and children use items that they do not understand how they work. For example, many people use the internet without truly understanding how they are able to view various websites.  Lack of understanding however, does not hinder their use.  This is also true of using computers.  Whether or not someone understands how it functions does not stop them for reaping the benefits of using the computer.  


My goal in presenting this lesson was to help my students understand that using a computer can be very beneficial however, knowing what is inside of it is beneficial as well.  I think this idea is like showing a kindergartener how a puppet works.  The puppet does not function without human input. This is true of computers too.  I wanted to take away the mysticism about computers.  I also wanted my students to know that with information and knowledge about computers they have the potential to control the computer.  If they study computer science as youth or in college, they have the opportunity to learn how to program computers.  This ability gives them the power to make a computer do what they program it to do. 


In addition, our unit on various scientists offers my student population hope for the future. Exposure is one of the greatest things, I can give my students.

  Understanding Computers
  Grappling with Complexity: Understanding Computers
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What Do Computer Scientists Do?

Unit 2: Types of Scientists, You May or May Not Know
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Objective: Students will learn about computer scientists by using some of their practices in the classroom and watching a video.

Big Idea: There are different types of scientists who explore their area of expertise and make contributions to society.

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