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One thing I try to do is to ask as many open ended questions as possible to my students so that they do the thinking - not just me! However, sometimes I wonder whether my questions are really provoking more thought about the concept, taking students towards higher order thinking processes. Other times, I wonder if I am going too in depth about things that do not matter that much. In this video, I am talking to two students about their pictures of the classroom garbage and we start talking about pencils - I see on their faces recognition of the huge problem of broken pencils! I would never have thought to bring that up during this lesson, but apparently they do a lot of thinking about it!

  Discourse and Questioning: Am I asking the right questions??
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Where Does Our Garbage Go?

Unit 6: Living Organisms - Stewardship
Lesson 2 of 6

Objective: SWBAT explain what happens to garbage and give examples of ways we can reduce the waste

Big Idea: Students learn what happens when we throw things away!

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Science, recycling, First Grade, 1.L.1.3 Summarize ways that humans protect their environment and/or improve conditions for the growth of the plants and animals that live there (e.g., reuse or recycle products to avoid littering)., living organisms
  35 minutes
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