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I select unit conversion error scenarios that appeal to the interests of my students.  For instance, I give sports scenarios to groups of student athletes.  This helps them to connect to the information and understand the importance of the content I am trying to convey using a context to which they can relate.  For this activity, I did not use scenarios in which unit conversion errors had lethal consequences as I felt this was unnecessary for the accomplishment of the activity.

In addition to selecting scenarios that appeal to student interests, I provide students with scenarios written at their reading comprehension levels.  This allows me to differentiate to best meet the students' needs.

  Appealing to students' interests
  Relevance: Appealing to students' interests
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Mass and Volume Lab - Part 1

Unit 1: Problem Solving
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Objective: SWBAT accurately determine the mass and volume of a variety of different objects.

Big Idea: This lab challenges students to recall various aspects related to measuring mass and volume and then practice the skill.

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