Reflection: Joy Semester Review Lab Day 1: Borax Ornaments - Section 1: Introduction


Over the years I have occasionally chosen to make ornaments with students but did not have time to do the entire review lab. 

This allows me to still allow the students to do a fun activity for the holidays, but does not focus as much on reviewing lots of chemistry content. 

This borax ornaments short form document is the instructions that you can use if you want to do the activity as just a quick and fun lab.

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Semester Review Lab Day 1: Borax Ornaments

Unit 4: Unit 5: Stoichiometry, Chemical Reactions, and First Semester Review
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Objective: Students will be able to demonstrate their understanding of multiple concepts including the periodic table, atoms, bonding, intermolecular forces, and stoichiometry as demonstrated from performing a lab to make Borax crystal ornaments.

Big Idea: Borax is a compound with characteristic properties that can be investigated while also doing a semester review.

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Science, Chemistry, Chemical Reactions and Balancing, stoichiometry, review, supersaturated solution, supersaturated solution
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