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When I look over student responses to the questions "What do you think is the main component of your soil sample?" and "What is your evidence?", I'm not necessarily looking for a correct answer, I'm looking to see if they were able to support their answer trough some sort of text based evidence.  If, for example, they collected a bag of sand, and they claim it is mostly clay because it feels sticky when it's wet, I count that as correct.  The important thing is not that by the time my students go onto the next grade, they can correctly identify the four main types of soil, but that they understand how to use evidence to support their claims.

  Supporting Predictions Using Resources
  Checks for Understanding: Supporting Predictions Using Resources
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Predicting Soil Composition

Unit 4: Earth Science
Lesson 4 of 18

Objective: SWBAT use evidence from resources to support predictions regarding soil composition.

Big Idea: Groups will collect soil samples from the schoolyard, and make predictions about what the soil is composed of based on the information they have found.

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