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To check their understanding I pass out a sticky note to each student. They need to write their name on it. On one side they need to write conductor and on the other insulator. Students will need to write a definition for each in their own words. I also ask them to include an example of each from their experiment.

Students with special needs can do one definition instead of two. Another option could be to have them write examples of the two. These sticky notes are collected and I use them as a formative assessment. Any students that does not seem to understand I will go back over the information with them. Students that show understanding will get their sticky note back to enter into their science journal. Those that do not seem to understand I will pull individually or into small groups to review the information and if needed conduct the experiment over.

  Writing Definitions
  Exit Tickets: Writing Definitions
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Conductor Vs. Insulator

Unit 2: Energy
Lesson 10 of 13

Objective: SWBAT build a circuit and use it to determine what items are conductors and insulators.

Big Idea: Using the circuit they built, students will determine if various items conduct electricity or not. Students will then use what they have learned to write their own definitions for conductor and insulator.

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Science, Electricity, Energy (Physical Science), magnet, conductor and insulator
  30 minutes
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