Reflection: Problem-based Approaches Open and Closed - Section 2: Add a Switch


Once I see that most students have figured out the switch, I have these groups go and help the others. I remind them that they are not allowed to do the work just prompt and teach. When students help each other many times it is successful. Students are excited to get to the same point as their peers and taking help is wanted. However, when a group tries to take over this can create a negative situation. To try to keep this from happening, I model early on in the year how we can be supportive without taking over. I think that knowing your students personalities is also important so that the right groups is helpful to those that they can truly help. 

  Getting Everyone to the Same Place
  Problem-based Approaches: Getting Everyone to the Same Place
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Open and Closed

Unit 2: Energy
Lesson 9 of 13

Objective: SWBAT build a circuit that uses a switch to open and close an electrical circuit.

Big Idea: Students have worked to complete a circuit and now they are going to add switch to better understand the opening and closing of a circuit.

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Science, Electricity, electrical systems, Energy (Physical Science), magnet, switches, open and closed circuits
  25 minutes
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