Reflection: Intervention and Extension Magnet Play - Section 3: Sorting Using the Magnet


To open a lesson later and to also check for understanding I am going to ask students to write down what they learned. Students need to write into their journal what happened from their tests and also make a statement trying to declare why. As an exit note, I ask students to just tell me in a sentence or two why they think some things were attracted to the magnet. They place these stickies on the door as they clean up from the activity. 

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Magnet Play

Unit 2: Energy
Lesson 2 of 13

Objective: SWBAT use magnets to determine what is attracted to them and what types of materials are not.

Big Idea: Magnets will help us build electrical circuits and to understand batteries magnets will help. We are going to explore what is attracted to magnets and discuss why we cannot have them near electrical equipment like iPads.

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