Reflection: Intervention and Extension Gravitational Energy - Section 2: Gravity at Work


Some of my students are more excited about being outside then with the discussion. For some students this change of venue might be hard for them to focus on the lesson concept. To make sure that these students do understand, I try to talk to each of these students individually to explain why we are using the slide to learn. This individual time is usually all that is needed. We can talk about the concept and then take part in the fun activity afterward. For one student, I talked about gravitational energy before he slid. When he finished sliding, I asked him what helped him slide down. He could not remember what we talked about so we went over gravitational energy again. I then let him slide again after he explained what it was to me. When he came to the bottom this time he understood that gravity was helping making the slide fun. 

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  Intervention and Extension: Extra Discussion Needed
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Gravitational Energy

Unit 2: Energy
Lesson 7 of 13

Objective: SWBAT develop and explain a model that demonstrates gravitational energy.

Big Idea: Gravitational energy is used everyday students play. It is an easy one for students to develop their own experiment to model their understanding of it.

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