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Having the students share their experiences with each other is emotional therapy of sorts. Most of them have invested a great deal of time into their experiments and this time has not been without its share of frustrations and obstacles.  

Providing students with this opportunity to share means they are able to vent their frustrations with one another as well as their moments when they overcame these obstacles. Allowing the students to vent their frustration is helpful, but it is important to refocus them in on what went well and how they overcame the obstacles they faced.  This also results in a sense of pride for the students. During this time of sharing, the students ask each other questions and demonstrate a genuine sense of interest in the projects of their peers. 

In his book, Yardsticks 3rd Edition, Chip Wood notes that rites of passage and shared experiences, such as completing a science fair project, are important in helping 14 year olds develop their emerging sense of self and provide students with a bonding experience.  Wood further notes that students learn well in small discussion groups and enjoy participating in activities that help them develop skills that express them as being "more adult like."

  Pride in ownership
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Examining Data

Unit 8: Science Fair
Lesson 6 of 13

Objective: SWBAT create data tables and graphs and then use the data to describe their science fair experiment and explain outliers in their data.

Big Idea: This lesson helps students examine and make sense of the data collected during their science fair experiment.

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Science, hypothesis (Scientific Method), Graphing, data in graphs, data in tables
  45 minutes
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