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I have often struggled to maintain and keep a word wall up to date. I have read research where adding a word to a word wall should be done within the lesson. It never seems that I have time to do this as I am modeling and teaching. Instead when I do vocabulary activities I often take pictures with my iPad. I can then use these images through our school's AirServer. AirServer is a product that can be purchased for a classroom where remote access of your computer can be given to an iPad. It allows teachers to connect their computers to the projector and use the AirServer to share work through it, you can also have your students share their work through it from their iPads.   I will use these word activities as my working word wall, and because students have done most of the work they are more vested in using these images to develop and use our new words. 

  Reusing Words
  Lesson Planning: Reusing Words
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Discovering Our Vocabulary

Unit 2: Energy
Lesson 4 of 13

Objective: SWBAT determine the words they feel are most relevant to learn for a particular unit or lesson section.

Big Idea: Ownership of learning increases the chances that student will retain the content. Vocabulary can be tricky and to create this buy in, this lesson asks for students to choose the words they feel they should learn for part of a unit.

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