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Some of my students are ready for more rigorous tasks. For these students, I ask them to include more information in their writing. For this writing piece I ask them for the same requirements as the other students, but I ask them to expand their writing. I ask them to include other legends they might know and how they might have been used to explain natural phenomenon that had not been proved with science. This might be tricky and it might be a writing task to offer when students are working on their independent writing pieces. 

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  Rigor: Adding Rigor
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Comparing Science with Legend

Unit 2: Energy
Lesson 6 of 13

Objective: SWBAT compare and analyze how science and legends describe natural occurrences to explain the world around them.

Big Idea: Many natural phenomenon were once described and believed to occur due to legends and folk tales. Using science and folk articles students will compare and analyze these two approaches.

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