Reflection: Student Ownership Frequency versus Period - Section 1: Bell Work


When doing the bell work, a student stated  that the bottom graph may be periodic.  This student said that the behavior near the origin might be part of a periodic function that repeats in the next part of the graph: If you were to copy the graph and connect it at the end then the graph would be periodic. I had the student demonstrate what he meant.  His ideas were interesting, and, they showed understanding of a periodic function.  In the end we agreed that we could not say it was periodic because we did not have that portion of the graph to look at. 

This episode was a good reminder for me. Many times as teachers, we only look at what is given. We do not see (consider) how a student could extrapolate and use his/her imagination to extent a pattern.  Today, giving a student the opportunity to voice his reasoning, I was able to verify the student's understanding and his peers were able to follow his ideas and learn how it might be possible to make the function periodic.

  Student Ownership: Student Observation
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Frequency versus Period

Unit 8: Graphing Trigonometric Functions
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Objective: SWBAT determine the difference between the period and the frequency of a periodic function.

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