Reflection: Backwards Planning It's only "write" to care about ecology - Section 3: Guided Practice


When appropriate, I like incorporating performance tasks into instruction.  Authentic performance based tasks allow my students to apply what they have learned and demonstrate their understanding.  Selection of the performance task I use is guided by the learning target that I’ve identified for the lesson (what I want student to be able to do or know). 

Creating or selecting an appropriate rubric for the task allows me to consider how I am going to assess whether or not students have met the learning target.  Rubrics are about beginning with the end in mind and getting specific about what mastery looks like. Rubrics benefit me so that I am able to remain true to the learning target and rubrics help my students get a clear sense of what mastery looks like.

  Backwards Planning: Performance tasks and rubrics
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It's only "write" to care about ecology

Unit 1: Unit 1- Organization and Relationships
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Objective: Students will write a creative short story that demonstrates they are able to use content specific vocabulary in a manner that evidences content knowledge.

Big Idea: The ability to write cogently about a subject is an important skill that students should not only practice in Language Arts.

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