Reflection: Data Analysis 2-Dimensional Motion Test - Section 4: Test Collection, Grading, & Communication


As I grade tests, I always look to see which questions are most commonly missed. Doing this allows me to identify gaps in knowledge and prepare a thorough review before students go to take the AP exam. Looking at questions that are most commonly missed also gives me the opportunity to self asses my teaching practices and make adjustments for future classes.

Question 4 was not meant to be a trick question, but it was the question that most students missed on the exam because of a tricky angle. With the exception of 1 student, everyone who missed the fourth question was able to recognize that the y-component of vector A equals zero. This eliminated choice E, but it seems that students failed to recognize that the angle given in the diagram was the compliment to the angle needed (or that using sine of the given angle would produce the x-component of vector B). Students were also quick to forget that vector B is pointing left, so the x-component should be negative.

My guess is that students were simply careless on this question because they were able to apply the fundamental concepts of vectors in other problems. However, being careless is just as much of a problem as not understanding concepts and when we get closer to the exam date, I plan to address this issue of carelessness. I also plan to throw more of these types of questions at my students next year to better prepare them for "trick" questions.

  Data Analysis: A trick question?
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2-Dimensional Motion Test

Unit 2: 2-D Kinematics
Lesson 7 of 7

Objective: Students will demonstrate an understanding of 2-dimensional motion.

Big Idea: Students show off how much they've learned when taking today's unit test on vectors & projectiles.

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