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Over the last year I've changed my style of direct instruction from my students copying down notes on the board to including many foldables as graphic organizers. I still lecture to my students, as I feel there is no simpler/faster method of inserting knowledge into their brains. Besides, my goal of getting them ready for high school has to teach them to take notes in class.

Foldabes provides a measure of fun and personal ownership to the daily grind of learning. By creating their own 'textbook' out of an Interactive Science Notebook they make the learning a personal experience. Due to the textbook adoption process and NGSS implementation schedule for CA we are not expecting new textbooks for several more years. I use the existing textbook as a resource, but the learning  takes place as my students build their own personal instruction in their notebooks. This sort of instruction is not juvenile to my eighth graders - they love it!

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Endothermic Reaction Demonstration

Unit 5: Chemical Reactions
Lesson 9 of 11

Objective: Students will be able to observe an endothermic reaction which mixes barium hydroxide and ammonium thiocyanate to freeze a flask to a wooden plank.

Big Idea: Endothermic reactions are cold and more difficult to demonstrate. This is safe, cheap, easy, and exciting.

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